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Attention Parents and Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Challenges!

Discover "A Safe Space" - a confidential support group dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of caring for a child with mental illness. Connect with others facing similar struggles, reduce stress, and find practical solutions together. Led by two passionate Conscious Freedom Therapists, this group is committed to uplifting and empowering you every step of the way. Each session begins with clear guidelines to ensure a supportive environment. Here, you’ll find hope, learning, and a sense of community. Share openly, participate fully, and feel understood among those who truly get it. Join us at "A Safe Space" - where you are not alone.

What Can You Expect?

Connection and Understanding: Caring for a child with mental illness can be isolating. In "A Safe Space," you’ll meet others who truly understand what you’re going through. Share your story and listen to others in a confidential setting where your feelings and experiences are validated.

Stress Reduction: The focus of the group is to reduce the stress that comes with your caregiving journey. By connecting with others and exchanging support, you’ll find that the burden becomes lighter.

Practical Solutions: Our sessions are designed to help you find real, actionable solutions to the challenges you face. Together, we’ll brainstorm and implement strategies that can make a positive difference in your daily life.

Hope and Empowerment: Led by two passionate Conscious Freedom Therapists, each session fosters the instillation of hope and empowerment. Our therapists are dedicated to helping you find the strength and resilience you need to continue your caregiving journey.

Guidelines and Structure: To ensure a supportive and productive environment, each session begins with a review of group guidelines. These guidelines help maintain a respectful and cohesive atmosphere, allowing everyone to participate fully and feel safe to express themselves.

Why Join "A Safe Space"?

In "A Safe Space," you’re not just a participant; you’re part of a community. Experience the relief of knowing you’re not alone, and gain the emotional and practical support you need to thrive. This group offers a rare opportunity to connect deeply with others who share your experience and to feel truly understood.

Join us at "A Safe Space" and discover the power of community, understanding, and support. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Together, we can create a brighter path forward.

More Information..

When: The first Saturday of each month beginning July 6th. 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

Cost: $40 per session for each set of caregivers (cost is the same for individuals)

Location: In Person at Conscious Freedom - 217 E Debbie Ln., Suite 103, Mansfield, TX 76063

How do I sign up? Option 1: Call or Text us at 817-797-9868 and ask to sign up for 'A Safe Space' group. Option 2: Email ttonche@consciousfreedomtherapy.com with your name, number, and email. Option 3: Eventbrite

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I Have More Questions!

Please send an email inquiry to Thalia Tonche at ttonche@consciousfreedomtherapy.com and they will be able to answer any additional questions!

A Safe Space to navigate the ups, downs and all arounds of loving your child with mental illness.

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Contact us today to learn more and join our next session. "A Safe Space" is waiting for you.

Phone/Text: 817-797-9868    Email: ttonche@consciousfreedomtherapy.com