Kierra D. Lloyd, PLLC

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Kierra Lloyd

MSW, LCSW-S, RPT-S, C-CCPT, TBRI Practitioner

Within the community, I am a highly regarded LCSW and RPT supervisor whose competence and dedication shine through my work. As a licensed clinical social worker and registered play therapist, I possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in mental health across various settings. My ability to guide and nurture future clinicians is remarkable, as I consistently encourage and empower them to reach their full potential. My commitment to the growth and development of emerging therapists is evident in my supervision approach, characterized by empathy, patience, and a strong belief in the potential of those under my supervision. I am enthusiastic and competent, inspiring confidence in my current students and fostering a supportive learning environment that equips the next generation of mental health professionals with the skills and motivation to positively impact their clients' lives.

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