Psychological Testing & Psychoeducational Assessments

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Does your child or someone you know struggle in educational and social settings?

If your child is showing difficulties academically or behaviorally, and you cannot figure out why, they may benefit from a psychoeducational assessment.

Individuals struggling in reading, mathematics, writing, and even in social settings may be experiencing deficits in intellectual and/or academic areas that result in issues in various environments.

A psychoeducational assessment is used to identify learning disabilities, intellectual delays, ADHD, and other disorders. This comprehensive assessment will examine the individual’s strengths and weaknesses along with formal evaluation to determine if there is a need for accommodations or modifications to assist the individual with being successful. The full evaluation is comprised of background information (education, medical, and family history), which is gathered by having an interview with parents/caregivers, the individual, assessor observations, and one-on-one testing.

A psychoeducational assessment will help one to understand how the individual learns and thinks. A full individual evaluation report will be provided, which could be used to assist in various settings to provide the appropriate accommodations to ensure the individual’s needs are met to be successful.

It is normal for individuals to struggle from time to time; however, continued difficulty for longer than a few months may indicate a need for an assessment. Additional signs may be a difference in the individual’s attitude towards school, disruptive behavior, or difficulty learning basic behavioral, intellectual, and social skills in various settings.


This service is not billed to insurance and solely provided by Denise. 

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