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Earning your Registered Play Therapist TM licensure can be an overwhelming experience. However, it does not have to be, let me walk beside you in this journey so you feel even more confident and competent in your play therapy skills. My goal is to help mold and guide you to finding your play therapy niche. Regardless of your current knowledge surrounding play therapy, I am here to support your goals!

Getting Started with RPT Supervision

Credentialing with A4PT:

Key Points: Based on the requirements of A4PT

  • I meet with clinicians for 1.5 hours per month as a group.
  • Clinicians need a “minimum of 35 hours of play therapy supervision and five (5) session observations during the accumulation of the supervised play therapy experience.”
  • Clinicians need a minimum of 350 direct client contact hours under a RPT-S.
  • Clinicians need at minimum 150 hours of play therapy specific instruction.

Qualifying Employment?

Due to the amount of direct client contact hours needed, I reserve the right to assess if the clinician’s current employment is deemed fit to pursue play therapy supervision. I prefer for play therapy services to be rendered in person.

Group and Individual Supervision


  • Read play therapy training materials.
  • Study various play therapy modalities.
  • Present cases and ethical dilemmas to the group for feedback.
  • Make connections to other clinicians in various work settings.


  • Individual time with the clinician and myself.
  • Present cases and ethical dilemmas to me for feedback.

I recommend the group setting for the majority of your time in supervision. Individual supervision is expected to be utilized as additional support to track your progress, review goals, look at specific modalities for your clients, and reaffirm your knowledge. It is expected that the clinician will participate in individual sessions at some point.

Getting started

  • Schedule an "Initial Consultation" via this link: https://klloydlcsw.clientsecure.me to request to schedule a Supervision Consultation. Services are provided by Kierra D. Lloyd, PLLC
  • I confirm our consultation to meet and discuss supervision goals. You are also welcome to ask me questions. Based on this conversation, we will determine if we are able to meet each other’s needs before we begin our supervisory relationship.
  • When you attend your first session, you will bring the semi-completed application forms to assist in tracking for accuracy.
  • I will email you my supervision agreement and A4PT forms. Please bring printed documents.
  • Group Rate: $120 for each 1-hour session. Monthly total $120
  • Individual Rate: $140 for each 1-hour session.
  • Supply List: RPT Binder (~5 in), RPT Notebook, Pen/Highlighter

What’s Next

  • I will keep several copies of the forms you will send to the board. Please keep a copy for your records. Forms are submitted electronically.
  • Choose your supervision dates and times

Schedule Here to let me know you’re ready to get started.

Currently filling:

Sundays 1-2:00p & Tuesdays 10-11a

Virtual only: Fridays 3-4:00p