Anna Grimm, LMFT-Intern

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Hello! I'm Anna, and I'm here to support you on your unique journey. I’m a completely imperfect person with no intentions of “saving” or “fixing” you - because you don’t need that! I would be honored to help you find strength and develop the tools to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and compassion.

My approach is rooted in Narrative and Emotionally-Focused Therapy, which allows us to explore your experiences, emotions, and perspectives in a safe and validating space. Together, we'll challenge limiting beliefs and cultivate healthy ways to express your needs and feelings.

Additionally, I enjoy the opportunity to integrate an array of play therapy skills and exploratory techniques during sessions tailored for both children and adolescents. By using these additional methods, I am able to foster a dynamic approach aimed at unveiling subconscious challenges and inherent strengths.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by specific challenges or just need to find some clarity, I look forward to walking alongside you through this journey and I'm committed to helping you discover your inner strength and resilience. With my studies in Marriage and Family Therapy comes the belief that our problems are not born in a vacuum - and they can’t be fixed there either. People are our greatest resource and I’m proud to be in your corner.

Supervised by: Nicole Gordon Vargas, PhD, LMFT-S 

Attends: Abilene Christian University

Program: LMFT, Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

Phone: (972) 850-6430

Fees: $60 per 60 minute session/$45 per 45 minute session