Tiffany Mitchell, LMSW

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I am proud of you for taking the first step and acknowledging that you matter!

My name is Tiffany Mitchell, and I am honored to be considered for this major step in your life. So many times, this process is not supported by many, but your brave spirit chose healing. I am committed to making this journey all that you desire it to be. Leaving the same as you came is not an option for you because you have already changed with this first step.


I use a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach at the beginning of our journey to allow you to see that your thoughts are powerful and how our mindset creates the atmosphere for our life. That approach is then collaborated with solution focused therapy for you to be in control of your desired healing and goals while I am by your side.

My social work journey is based in child welfare, crisis and behavioral settings and has allowed me to gain years of experience conducting individual, group, and family therapy sessions. During my career, I have partnered with diverse populations based off gender, race, age, and socioeconomic statuses. My passion is working with people struggling with suicidal ideation, substance abuse, and the aging community who are experiencing multiple medical diagnoses in addition to a mental health disorder.

“It’s your healing, let’s do what you want to do”

I am a person with many talents as I sing, write poetry, love music and role-play. We will incorporate fun activities to see things from many perspectives to identify triggers and develop coping skills.  I also offer guidance with a more spiritual approach if desired.


  • Black Girls in Social Work (BGSW)


  • First Session: – $200
  • Individual Therapy Adolescent/Adult: $130
  • Couples/Family Therapy: – $140

The following sessions are not billed to insurance:

  • Parent Consultations: (30 minute session)  – $80
  • Group Rate: (50 minute session) – $60/person

Contact Me:


phone: 682-593-6808